Repay the debt by burying the mango seeds

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King Krishnachandra of Nadia (1810–63) was a powerful figure in Bengal. According to scholars, Gopal Bhar was one of the many gems of his meeting. Although the scholars have not come to a definite conclusion in this regard, the majority is in favor of this view. As Ajit Kumar Ghosh wrote in his book on humor in Bengali literature, ‘Gopal Rasik-Churamani was a clown in the royal court of Maharaja Krishnachandra Roy.’ However, as soon as he says Gopal Bhar, a Golgal character floats in front of our eyes. And his story? There is someone who has not heard! Let’s read Gopal Bhar’s story again …

Gopal Bhar
Gopal Bhar

Repay the debt by burying the mango seeds

Gopal once borrowed a lot of money from one of his friends for special needs. He never repays the money at all. When he went home, he returned with various excuses.

That friend found Gopal in the market one day and said, ‘I have to give you my money today. If not, I will not leave you today. ‘

Gopal said, ‘I don’t have any money today, brother. I will definitely give it tomorrow. Come to my house tomorrow morning. I promise I won’t touch the water without paying you. ‘

Believing Gopal’s words, the man released him that day. The next morning he went to Gopal’s house and appeared.

Gopal let his friend sit down and said, ‘Wait here for a while, I am arranging your money.’ Saying this, Gopal went inside the house.

After a while, a basket of mango seeds came and started burying in the yard.

After a while, Gopal’s friend became impatient and said, ‘You do your work later. Give me the money first. I can’t sit anymore. ‘

Gopal said, ‘Don’t you understand? I have been managing your money for so long. ‘

The friend said, ‘What are you joking about in the morning? How can I manage my money by burying mango seeds? ‘

Gopal said, ‘Don’t you understand that too? From this mango seed will one day become a tree. That tree will one day be mango. There will be a lot of mangoes in so many trees. Then all your debts will be paid. I said I will not touch the water today without paying your money. ‘

Hearing Gopal’s words, the friend got angry but laughed. Understood, there is no hope to get that money. The money went into his water.

Sample of Gopal’s Ghatkali

Gopal can’t stay quiet at home at all. He wanders from village to village. So many people talk to Gopal. Due to this conversation, he used to do ghatakali from time to time. Once he had a quarrel whose son was blind and whose daughter was lame. The bridegroom does not know that the girl is lame and the bridegroom does not know that the boy is blind.

After the marriage went smoothly, the father of the pot said quietly to Gopal, ‘Let’s go, the marriage went well, the man of the bride did not know that the pot was blind. No father would marry his daughter to a blind groom. I am really grateful to you for this. I can’t find the language to say thank you! ‘

Gopal laughed and said, ‘Don’t get me wrong. Your son is as lame as your daughter. Please tell, what's the story of them big puppys …..

Hearing Gopal’s words, the boy’s father is about to faint. He said, ‘Say what! The bride is lame! How can I show my face now? ‘

Gopal replied, ‘Otherwise that would not have happened, grandfather. And if I didn’t agree and became one-sided, I couldn’t show my face in front of everyone. Now no one has anything to say.



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