Trump’s danger and danger

Shuvashis Das
3 min readNov 21, 2020
Donald Trump
Donald Trump

There is no good news for President Donald Trump who does not accept the rate of the United States. Michigan party lawmakers say they have no plans to change the outcome of the election. Democrat candidate Joe Biden has been certified the winner after recounting the results of the Georgia state election. Meanwhile, the corona of Donald Trump Jr. has been identified.

Trump’s attorneys could not present any evidence in court in favor of suspending the vote count in the state of Pennsylvania. All in all, the hope of changing the election results through the state legislature is also coming to an end. Time is now just counting the days. However, Donald Trump has not yet conceded defeat.

Trump’s camp is chasing some bad news. Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr.’s corona has been identified. He was identified as Corona earlier this week. Since then he has been reported to be in isolation on his own. The corona of Andrew Giuliani, the son of President Trump’s top lawyer Rudy Giuliani, has been identified.

Trump invited two influential Michigan Republicans to the White House. Mike Sirkei, the leader of the majority party in the state Senate, and Lee Chatfield, the speaker of the state legislature, met with President Trump at the White House on Friday. Upon arrival in Washington, a group of protesters chanted slogans at the airport. Protesters demanded that Michigan’s vote be certified immediately.

State legislators at the White House are concerned about the meeting with Trump. Leaving the meeting, the two Republican leaders said the Michigan vote would be duly certified. They do not have any change in the results. Presumably, they had no disagreement with President Trump.

Democrat candidate Joe Biden has won in Michigan. There is a dramatic situation with the certification of votes. Two Republican members of the county election board initially refused to sign the certification. A few hours after signing, he said, they were forced to sign.

Cindy Powell, a lawyer for President Trump, told Fox News that there was widespread fraud in all swing state voters. He said the state legislature should decide on the electoral votes of those states. He also said that they are going to the Supreme Court with all these.

President Trump has once again made baseless claims about his victory in the election. “I won the election,” he told a brief news conference at the White House. He left the press conference without any question from the journalists.

Joe Biden is staying at his home in Delaware. He has met with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Charles Schumer. Newly elected Vice President Kamala Harris was present at the meeting. They discussed the Covid-19 situation. He also spoke about the speedy passage of incentives for citizens.

The transition team of Joe Biden and Orange Harris is proceeding as usual without any cooperation from the Trump administration.

Johannes Abraham, a spokesman for the transition team, said the game was being played on behalf of the Trump administration. The Head of General Service Administration has been urged to move forward with the cooperation of the Transition Team quickly.



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